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Victoria Day history

Happy Victoria Day! Do you know why we celebrate Victoria day? Today I would like to share with you a bit of history about that day.


When Queen Victoria died in 1901, Parliament made her birthday an annual holiday. The law initially called for the holiday to be celebrated every year on May 24. Unless the date fell on a Sunday, in which case Victoria Day would be celebrated on May 25.

In 1952, Parliament declared that Victoria Day would be celebrated on the Monday before May 24 every year. As a result of this convention, the long weekend sometimes falls well before May 24. This year, for example, May 24 falls on a Sunday, but due to the parliamentary decree, the long weekend will run from May 16 to May 18.

While some believe Victoria Day is a uniquely Canadian institution, it is also celebrated in parts of Scotland, where it's observed on the Monday before May 24.

In 2015 the Victoria Day holiday is on Monday, May 18.